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Category Archives: Ice Dams

When Shoveling Your Roof Can Cause Bigger Ice Dam Problems

As a Minnesota homeowner, you are likely to understand the basics of ice dam problems. It only takes one winter of owning a home in our cold climate to become aware of issues that can occur from ice dams. One preventive method is trying to reduce the amount of snow on your roof through shoveling or raking your roof. While this can be effective, it can also have its own hazards. Not only can it be risky in terms of injury, it can create bigger ice dam problems in the form of a double dam.

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Why Steam is Best for Ice Dam Removal

When it comes to removing ice dams from roofs, eaves, and gutters, many methods have been tried. Chipping away at the ice dam with a hammer or hatchet, using a hair blow dryer, sledgehammers, and even chainsaws have been used to break down the accumulated ice. These methods can be time-consuming, dangerous, and cause damage to the home. Professional steam removal is the best way to safely remove ice dams, outperforming any other method. 

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Icicles: The Beautiful Menace

Each winter, homes are adorned with lights impersonating icicles. Holiday cards feature cozy cabins alight in the winter evening with moonlight glinting off the icicles. As charming and beautiful as these icons of winter are, if you have them on your house or building, they could indicate a serious problem.

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Dangers of Heavy Snow Accumulation on Roofs

In Minnesota, snow on your roof is bound to occur. Overnight, we can get a foot or more of snow, covering your home and stacking it high on your roof. While most homes are built with the proper structural integrity and pitch for the Minnesota winters, heavy snow accumulation can still be a danger to your home. It is important to know the best options to remove excess snow from your roof and the signs of possible damage to your home.

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Top Signs You Need Ice Dam Removal

An ice dam on your roof can cause significant damage to your home and put you at risk for injury and liability. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not recognize the signs of an ice dam until it is too late. If you know what to look for, you can proactively have ice dams removed before they damage your roof or cause an injury.

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