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Category Archives: Ice Dams

Winter Is Coming (Are You Ready?)

It may only be October, and it may still be relatively warm outside. However, the weather is gearing up for change, and it will happen quicker than realized. Winter is coming, and while we may be enjoying an unseasonably warm October, this winter is expected to be one of the harshest on record. Those living in Minnesota and other areas in the North and Northeast know this is the stuff horror movies are made of if you are not prepared. It is best to start the preparations now, while the weather allows you to enjoy being outside, lest your home has an issue on Christmas morning that no one is available to fix for three days or more.

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Why Insurance Is a Must

ice dam company insurance mn
In the world of contractors, there are two kinds of businesses- those that follow the rules and those that cut corners. Following the rules entails hiring employees, performing proper training and education, maintaining proper licenses, certification, and insurance, paying all applicable taxes, and registering with the state. These added responsibilities may be a bit costly in the beginning, but in the long run could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and back taxes, not to mention jail time. However, those that cut corners get hired for jobs regularly mostly because their costs for the services are lower than those who follow the rules. This habit can cost the customer additional money to fix the problem or worse, result in a scam wherein the customer will need to hire another contractor to do the work they already paid for. Therefore, it is always the best practice to hire the contractor that follows the rules.

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Employees vs. Sub-Contractors

rtd ice dam removal trusted bbb employees mn
When hiring a company to prevent problems from occurring to your home after a severe snow or ice storm, you should be looking at all aspects of the company, not simply who comes up first in your internet search. First, you want to make sure the company has a great rating with the Better Business Bureau. You also want to ensure they are certified and well trained with the projects they’ve done in the past. Of course, you should be looking online to see any reviews about the company to get a better idea of how they do business. One piece of information that is often overlooked is whether the company will send out its own employees or whether they subcontract the work to independent contractors. It is in your best interest to hire the company that has their own employees do the work. But why? What difference does it really make?

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In Case of Emergency: Emergency Ice Dam Removal

Some ice dams never need removal and never cause damage. Others are removed before any damage is ever done. Next, there are those ice dams that have been allowed to sit, and before you know it, you have an emergency on your hands, and the dam needs removal quickly. These situations cannot wait another moment and need special care for safe removal so as not to create any additional damage.

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IDRC Certification Takes Ice Dam Removal to the Next Level

The technicians of RTD Ice Dam Removal have been properly trained and insured for as long as we have been in business. We have prided ourselves on offering the best quality services with the most qualified technicians in the business. We make sure our customers have nothing at all to worry about when doing business with us. This is why we are happy to announce that we recently obtained the official certification to accompany our already expert staff and service. RTD Ice Dam Removal is now IDRC Certified.

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