Expert Ice Dam Damage Removal For Madison, Wisconsin Homes.

We offer residential and commercial ice dam removal in Madison, WI.

We also provide roof raking and roof snow removal!

Madison, Wisconsin sees similar weather as us in Minnesota, if not the same. Since we are based in St. Paul, we often cross the river to help out our neighbors. With an average snowfall just over 50 inches, Madison sees enough snow to create ice dams on a yearly basis.

We’ve regularly been in the Madison area helping homeowners with the annual headache of ice dams. Ice dams typically form because of lack of insulation and/or ventilation in the attic space. The heat from the living area beneath then escapes through the attic. This will warm the interior side of your roof causing the snow above it to melt. If the weather is cold enough the melted snow will freeze once it gets to the overhang or gutters creating the large icicles associated with an ice dam.

If this is the case for your, you need the help of professionals – RTD Ice Dam Removal. We are a Minnesota based company that spends about half of the year dealing with snow. Because ice dam removal is such a specialized service, we travel throughout the country based on where the snow is to help those in need. We know not only how to do it right, but how to do it without damaging your home.

We use a process of steam to remove ice from your roof. Steam is the safest method to remove ice dams – do not allow anyone without experience to work on your roof, especially with a hammer or hatchet which can lead to even more damage.

We are a phone call away – let the ice dam professionals safely remove the dangerous and destructive ice dams on your home.

Our technicians are our employees

Unlike many ice dam removal companies, we don’t use sub contractors. This provides you peace of mind knowing that an accident doesn’t cause you any liability on your insurance policy since our employees are covered under Workers’ Comp insurance. You are also protected with $2,000,000 in general liability insurance. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

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