Our steam machines are the best in the business.

We use steam machines that melt ice fast and protect your roof, gutters and home from damage. We use low pressure steamers. Unlike old fashioned steamers that just blow vapor steam, our steam machines are low pressure steamers that use wet steam under low pressure to melt ice faster through thermal impact, not just hot air. Super heated water is directed like a scalpel to melt the ice precisely and quickly into blocks and then removed. This is the fastest and safest way to remove ice.

Our machines are low pressure steamers. Unlike traditional power washers that are 4 to 5 gallons a minute at 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure) or higher, our machines are dedicated ice removal machines which use 1.5 gallons a minute and are under 1,000 PSI.

Our Equipment Advantages

Advantages of our low pressure steamer over a traditional, old fashioned steamer.

  • We melt ice faster by bringing wet steam, not just water vapor, to bear on the ice. Bringing super heated water thermal units in direct contact with the ice melts the ice faster.
  • Our machines use less water. Old fashioned steamers don’t have a trigger to start and stop the steam. They are constantly running, even when the operator is changing positions or relocating his lance, which wastes water and may result in pools of water which turn into ice.
  • Our equipment is safer. When the operator melting the ice doesn’t have the ability to shut off the unit, accidents can happen. Not only is it dangerous for the operator, it can also cause damage to your home. Our technicians are often working in extreme conditions standing on an icy ladder, covered in ice, and in very cold weather. Safety for our technicians and your home are our biggest concerns.

Advantages of our low pressure steamer over hot water power washers.

  • Hot water power washers are for cleaning concrete, trucks, and buildings. They are not designed to remove ice.
  • They use too much water. Hot water power washers use 4, 5 or more gallons a minute.
  • The pressure is too high and can cause damage. Hot water power washers are 3,000 psi machines which is great for cleaning concrete and trucks. but bad for working on your roof. Too much pressure will damage your shingles.

Advantages of our low pressure steamer over hammers, hatchets, torches, chain saws, etc.

Using any of the above will damage your shingles, roof and home. Swing a hammer or hatchet a thousand times and every now and then you are going to go too deep and damage your shingles or gutters. A torch could potentially start your house on fire and, of course, wielding a chain saw around is bound to cause home damage as well as bodily damage.

Advantages of our low pressure steamer over salt disks, salt pellets or panty hose filled with salt.

They don’t work!

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We are the ice dam removal experts having traveled across the country servicing our customers. We have removed ice in Boston, Massachusetts, Omaha, Nebraska, Fargo, North Dakota, Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. Watch some of our news clips including our service featured on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

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