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The Dangers of Ice Dams.

Inside damage may occur in your home

Water that leaks through your roof will soak your insulation, sheetrock and carpet which may need to be removed to avoid mold. Water will soak and swell your hardwood floors and cause them to buckle. Water will leak into and through your electrical outlets. Water will cause your paint to peel. Your insurance, minus your deductible, will cover most of the damage as long as you have taken steps to mitigate the problem. Even when insurance does cover the damage, your life is upended during the reconstruction process.

Ice dams are dangerous in another way

Every year several people are killed by falling off their roof trying to remove an ice dam. It is a job that requires the right equipment and the proper training and experience. Our technicians are our employees. Unlike many ice dam companies, we don’t use sub contractors. If a subcontractor has an accident, the liability could fall on you and your homeowner’s insurance. Our employees are covered under Workers’ Comp insurance and we carry $2,000,000 in general liability insurance. Truly, this is one job that is best left to the professionals.

On top of the job being dangerous, the right equipment is required to safely remove the ice dam. If not done correctly, your shingles, soffit and roof can be damaged. People have tried many ways to remove ice dams including using hammers, hatchets, torches and chainsaws. These choices can result in not only damage to the roof, but also bodily damage including death.

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