RTD is on the cutting edge of ice dam removal in MN. Protect your most significant investment from water damage by calling us at the first sign that you’re dealing with an ice dam. We use the latest technology to quickly and safely remove ice dams.

Despite the available information about ice dams on the Web, they continue to be a source of confusion for many homeowners. Becoming familiar with conducive conditions can help save you money and protect your home from penetrating water that can cause costly damage to your home’s interior structure.

What Exactly Is an Ice Dam?

When winter moisture becomes trapped in a specific area on your roof, typically close to the edge of the roof, near the gutters, an ice dam is formed. Removing the ice dam as quickly as possible is essential to prevent water from melting around or under the ice dam and to make its way into your home. Once water has entered the space that is referred to as the ‘envelope,’ it is often challenging to detect and can result in damage that can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars to remediate.

An ice dam can result in all of the following conditions:

  • Mold growth that is not only costly to remove, but it’s also nearly impossible to completely eradicate without help from a mold specialist
  • Wood rot to roof decking, rafters, and interior & exterior walls
  • Compromise of your home’s paint, which protects your home from the elements
  • Wet insulation, which dramatically reduces the energy efficiency of your home

Common Problems With Ice Dam Removal in MN

Homeowners who choose to take matters into their own hands are often unaware of the dangers of climbing onto their roof during icy conditions. Slip-and-fall accidents result in many injuries and deaths every year. The smartest way to deal with an ice dam is to call in a  professional to handle the situation.

Unfortunately, most companies offering ice dam removal in MN are still using outdated methods that blow vapor steam. Not so with RTD; we’ve invested in the latest wet steam equipment that melts ice faster and safer than other methods. We direct super-heated water to cut through ice like a blade, dividing ice into blocks that can be safely removed.

Wet Steam is the Only Safe Removal Method

Our ice removal technicians treat your home just like it was our home. We protect your roof and home by effectively removing the ice dam in the fastest and safest way possible. Our low-pressure steamers use 1.5 gallons of water per minute at under 1,000 PSI, compared with power washers that use 4-5 gallons of water a minute at 3,000 PSI, you can understand why our gentle, effective removal process is much better for your home.

We’re highly experienced in working in slippery, wet, and icy conditions. Safety is our primary concern, both for our workers and for your home. Call us for reliable ice dam removal in MN- we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our service.

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