Your search for ice dam removal in St Paul has led you to the most reputable company in the state of MN. We receive phone calls all winter long from clients who failed to take precautions to prevent an ice dam, from those whose prevention methods didn’t work, and from others who have recently moved to the area and knew nothing about the dangers of ice dam formation on their roofs. We’re about to tell all of our clients that we can remove their ice cam in the safest, most effective way.

Why Prevention is Key

Once an ice dam forms on your roof, there’s only one real way to remove it. Wet steam equipment is considered by experts to be the most reliable method of quickly and safely removing an ice dam without danger of damaging the roof.

While there are several reliable ways to prevent an ice dam, none of the following methods of removal are approved by specialists or even work well:

  1. Axes, hammers, and ice picks. You may think that because of the sharp edges and pointy ends of these tools that they would be one of the best ways to hack through an ice dam. The truth is though, all of these are unsafe to use on a roof. A single slip can cause a great deal of damage. In the end, you’ll risk a lot and will end up with a job that’s incomplete.
  2. Salt Tablets. Unless you have exceptional aim and can toss salt tablets directly to the areas of your roof that require melting, you’ll end up with a pile of salt tablets in all the wrong places. Salt tablets can take up to a week to melt an entire ice dam. RTD Ice Dam Removal in St Paul can remove your ice dam within a couple of hours.
  3. Salt Filled Pantyhose. No one we have spoken to within the industry has been able to tell us exactly why the pantyhose makes any difference in the effectiveness of the salt’s ability to melt an ice dam. Clients we have served have told us their attempts to melt an ice dam with pantyhose filled with salt were to no avail- even after several days.
  4. Heat Cables. Consumers fail to take into account that heat cables are not intended to be placed on top of ice dams- they are merely a prevention method. They simply are not designed to perform the job of melting an ice dam.
  5. Blowtorch. Severe damage to shingles can occur by use of a blowtorch to melt an ice dam. Standing on a slippery or icy ladder trying to melt an ice dam with a blowtorch is one of the riskiest methods out there.

Contact RTD Ice Dam Removal in St Paul for fast and safe results. We have the right equipment, the knowledge, and the experience to do the job right. Call us for emergency ice dam removal, professional advice, or answers to your questions regarding an ice dam.

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