It is our job to talk about ice dams. After all, we have built our business as an ice dam removal company! We are passionate about what we do and why. We often think everyone knows what ice dams are about and why they can be so harmful. Yet many people, especially those new to the colder areas, are unfamiliar with ice dams and the issues they cause. No matter the time of year, it is always timely to discuss the real dangers of ice dams.

The Definition

An ice dam is a dam made of ice. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is a little more complicated than that. These dams do not occur in nature and block water from leaving a river or canal. Rather, they occur on your roof. Ice forms dams in the valleys of your roof (or sometimes gutters) and prevents water from properly draining from your roof. As a result, water can seep into the home, causing serious damage.

The Real Dangers

Ice dam damage can include leaks in your home, as a result of water looking for an escape route. People who have never experienced this may not understand the severity of the situation. This is a real danger that is much more common than people realize. Because this type of water damage could have been prevented, many insurance companies refuse to cover the costs of repairs.
You may see stories in the news from time to time that are the result of ice dam damage. Most times, these horror stories occur long after the period during which the home could have been saved. This is because the home or business owner chose to ignore the problem. Recently, there were several commercial property collapses across the country due to the weight of ice and water on the top of the property. Luckily, they were vacant. Could you imagine if your home’s roof collapsed while you and your family were inside?
The other serious issue is the ice itself. Ice dams often form icicles on the edges of the gutter or roof. While pretty to look at, icicles are a true hazard to the wellbeing of other people and property. Just a few weeks ago, a falling icicle from a larger building pierced the roof of the Rhode Island Convention Center.  Imagine if that had been your home or your child walking by! There have been stories of severe property damage and even death caused by icicles falling once the ice finally melted. This is often on top of the fact that your home has already experienced severe water damage.
Ice dams are not something to be taken lightly or ignored. They cause serious damage and can affect your quality of life, your wallet, and your home. It is important to properly remove them as soon as they have formed and to use proper measures to prevent them from forming at all. To learn more about how to care for your ice dams, call the experts at RTD Ice Dam Removal at (651) 699-3504.