When you ignore ice dams because you don’t see obvious signs of damage, you are running the risk of incurring tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. There are many factors that may impact the level of damage you are likely to experience.
The current state of your roof, the amount of heating you use, and the weather conditions where you live are just some of the things you need to take into account. When all things are considered, RTD Ice Dam Removal is the only way to ensure that you don’t end up in unnecessary debt.

Moisture Infiltration

No matter how tightly you may think your roof shingles are sealed, they are not designed to be waterproof. When an ice dam is left untreated, water will begin to seep into your roof space and cause moisture damage. The process can happen so slowly that it is often difficult to detect, leaving homeowners with a false sense of security.
The weight of ice on your roof is also a concern as it causes sagging and compromises what little protection you do have from moisture infiltration. It doesn’t make sense to take chances with the structural integrity of your home when you can have an ice dam removed professionally at relatively low cost.

Mold Build-Up

Mold is a very simple organism which doesn’t need much to help it proliferate. In fact, all that mold requires to thrive is moist conditions. The moisture that seeps into your roof space is more than enough to provide a breeding ground for mold. You may not see it, but this destructive organism could be multiplying inside your walls.
Your home and health are at risk from exposure to mold. At high enough levels, mold is toxic and can affect people with a range of health complications, including respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and asthma. If you or a family member has noticed an increase in symptoms, it may indicate that you have toxic levels of mold somewhere in your home.
If you need an ice dam removed from your roof, RTD Ice Dam Removal is here to help. Call us at (877) 687-3639 for a professional removal service that won’t damage your roof.