Frigid temperatures and snow during winter can wreak havoc on your roof with the formation of ice dams. These ice dams can block melting snow and water from draining correctly through your gutters. Standing water can damage your gutters and roof damage. If ice dams are not removed, they can cause expensive interior and exterior repairs to your home from water damage and mold growth. Here are the top three ways to handle ice dam removal on your roof. 

Add Attic Insulation 

One of the best ways to handle ice dam removal is to prevent them from using attic insulation. Ice dams tend to form when snow meets varying roof temperatures. These dams can happen when the roof’s high point is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and lower roof points and outside air are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow from the top melts down and becomes a dam at the bottom. Adding extra insulation to your attic and roof will decrease warm air from escaping and causing this trickle-down effect.

Blow Cold Air 

When trying to handle ice dam removal yourself, you may be tempted to use rock salt or chip at the ice using sharp tools. These methods can cause damage to your roof shingles and make things worse. Instead, use a box fan in your attic to blow cold air to freeze standing water in the ice dam. This one move will help prevent it from leaking into your home and causing water damage.

Remove Excess Snow

Removing excess snow can help your roof temperature to be consistent over the entire surface. This clean off helps with ice dam removal by preventing them from forming. Use a roof rake with a long handle instead of a shovel to prevent damage to your shingles.

Get Professional Help with Ice Dam Removal

If you notice ice dams forming on your roof, you may want to call in the experts for assistance. At Roof-to-Deck Restoration, we are the leading company in Minnesota for ice dam removal. Our professionals will clear your roof quickly and safely and offer advice on keeping ice dams from forming in the future. Contact us today to get a free estimate.