Although you cannot predict the weather from one day to the next, you can anticipate ice and snow during the winter in the areas we service, such as Minnesota, New England, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and others. 

It’s also a foregone conclusion that if you do not clean the leaves and other debris out of your gutters in the fall, you can expect an ice dam and waterfall hanging from your gutters mid-winter. Better call the RTD Ice Dam Removal experts, or you might experience severe damage to your roof and what’s underneath.    

Possible Damage to Your Roof & Support Beams

Those blocks of ice and snow will start to melt when warmed by the sun, causing the blocks to slide or move. These can push up under the asphalt shingles. Some sections are so big they can rip through wooden roofing shingles and other roofing material. 

If the ice sheet lifts a nail or breaks the caulking used around roofing apertures, the melted snow or ice will leak down into your attic or your interior walls. Water standing on your support beams weaken those girders and support joists when they evaporate. A few drops are not a problem, but the constant dripping and evaporating cause the support girders to rot over time.

Those blocks of ice can also tear off your gutters, fascia, and soffit. What’s more, when the ice dam starts to melt at the gutter or roof level, it could break off and damage anything or anyone underneath.  

What to Do  

Many homeowners get out the ladder and take an ax or ice pick to the dam. First, this can be dangerous to the homeowner and their roof. Call the RTD Ice Dam Removal professionals to use our steam method to eliminate ice dams and snow piles from your roof to prevent possible damage.      

Call for Same-Day or Next-Day Ice Dam & Snow Removal

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