When it comes to snow and its repercussions, people usually want to get rid of it and forget about it.  One of the last things they want to do, unless they absolutely must, is calling someone to help get rid of the snow or anything associated with it, including an ice dam. However, when it comes to ice dams, there are many do-it-yourself ideas available, but none of them really work without creating either a mess or a hazardous situation. Nonetheless, we can explore these do-it-yourself options to prove that it really is a job for the pros.

The Tools

When people see ice, they think either an axe or an ice pick may be the best way to get rid of it. The problem with utilizing one of these tools is it may get the job done, but it will cause damage to your roof and maybe even you in the process. The axe is probably one of the quicker ways to remove the ice. However, it could result in two major problems. One problem is you risk going too deep with the axe, thereby damaging the shingles. The other problem is that as the ice is peeled off the roof, it can damage the roof even more by taking large chunks of shingles along for the ride. An ice pick also has these same issues, and it really is more time consuming.

The Store Bought Materials

Some stores sell roof melt, which is a tablet that is marketed as a solution to melt the ice on your roof. Basically, don’t waste your money. Roof melt really just does not work. It leaves a hole in the snow at the direct point of contact. However, it does not melt the snow anywhere else until the sun helps the process, by which time you no longer need the roof melt anyway. Another option people seem to want to try is simple rock salt. Again, this is a waste of time and money. An ice dam is an issue that needs to be corrected as soon as possible to avoid water damage to your home. Rock salt in a stocking just doesn’t cut it!

High-Pressure Power Washer

The high-pressure power washer is a category of its own. People often confuse this with a steamer and believe it will help them clear the ice and save money. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. While a high pressured power washer will remove the ice dam and snow, it will cause damage in the process; damage to your roof and an icy mess down below. Part of the reason this occurs is the amount of water used by a pressure washer as opposed to a steamer.  A pressure washer uses 4 to 5 gallons of water a minute, whereas a steamer only uses 1.5 gallons of water a minute. To clean and fix this mess is much more expensive than hiring a professional ice dam removal expert in the first place.
Now that we have learned how NOT to remove an ice dam, it is time to focus on how TO remove an ice dam. The best way to remove an ice dam is to contact an ice dam removal expert that uses a steam removal process. The steam removal process is the only safe and reliable method to clear an ice dam. If you are in need of ice dam removal, contact RTD Ice Dam Removal at 1-877-687-3639.