Ice Dam: An Issue of Destruction

You might spot ice dams on your roof during the winter and early spring. This buildup can be a very harmful issue because it can wreak havoc with your gutters and allow water to seep into your attic. 

This issue can cause damage to your roof and everything under it. You will know what this is if you notice a ridge of ice. These ice dams can be harmful because they will stop the melted snow from draining. 

The melting snow needs to ease its way off the roof, into your gutters and drain into the downspouts. 

Any water back up on your roof can pose many threats in causing damage to your entire home. The water freezes into icicles that hang from your gutters. 

Water Stains: An Overview

Once you have noticed the dams, you will want to give your home a once over:

  • Check for water stains, primarily along the ceiling in hallways, closets and other less-traveled areas.
  • Check the attic to assess moisture or mold growth (mold growth will appear as fine black soot or gray globs.
  • Check exterior walls and soffit for signs of water damage or moisture.  

The ice dams need to be removed because they are often the cause of roof leaks, mold issues and various other concerns, including physical injuries.

Assistance: Care for Gutters, Downspouts and Ice Removal

It is possible to prevent problems with your downspouts once the dams have been found. The professionals at RTD know how to steam the dams away and prevent more significant problems from occurring. 

Our professionals will come with the right equipment, up-to-date training and are insured. We do not subcontract any work. They know how to eliminate the issue, care for your gutters and prevent other issues. 

It is vital to know that any cold air spaces beneath the eaves can freeze quickly, which could pose problems. The trained professionals at RTD know how to use steam to eliminate the harmful gutter dams. Contact us and keep your home safely out of harm’s way.

Contact the RTD Ice Removal Professionals

Whether or not your gutters have started overflowing, give us a call, and we will steam those dams away.  

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