Many businesses and homeowners who find long spikes of icicles hanging from their gutters attempt to remove them by themselves. Some use axes and hatchets, which can be hazardous for their gutters, their roof and themselves.   

Saving Your Roof

Those of us who live in the north or northeast know how brutal winters can be. Then, the sun comes out, and it’s bright and beautiful outside but still freezing cold. The sun on your roof can melt the snow, which should flow off into your gutters and down the downspouts. 

That won’t happen when there is an ice dam. The gutters get clogged by roof granules, leaves, and other debris, the water puddles, and then freezes. The water then has nowhere to go but over your gutters’ sides, creating what looks like a frozen waterfall. However, these long icicles can be hazardous for pets, plants, and people who might not notice as they walk under them.

Ice dams and frozen sheets of ice are hazardous to your roof as well. When the sun thaws the ice next to the roof, the ice starts shifting and can tear up your shingles or slide up under the roofing and loosen nails. Thus, the water that should be draining off into your gutters might be dripping down into your attic.

In your attic, the water evaporates and leaves behind mildew and mold spores that can affect your family’s respiratory health. 

Rid Your Roof of Ice Dams with Steam

Some homeowners have even tried hooking their garden hose to the hot water faucet in the kitchen to melt the ice. This procedure still requires climbing up on the roof with a ladder stuck in a snowbank, perhaps.

The simplest, most effective relief from ice dams is steam. Our technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured for ice removal. Contact us today to avoid further damage and accidental injuries caused by ice dams.  

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