Safely Removing Snow from Your Roof

Allowing snow to build up on a roof is not generally advisable. The weight of the snow alone has the potential to cause buckling if there has been a heavy winter snowfall. If your roof is already damaged and leaking, when the snow begins to melt, it could cause catastrophic damage. Removing the snow is the best option, but it is a job that requires extreme caution.

Snow Removal Methods

There are two basic methods of removing snow from a roof: Roof raking and shoveling. The preferable option is to use roof raking equipment to remove snow throughout the colder months, rather than wait for a large buildup. Whether you, as the property owner, are able to carry out this task safely will depend on the shape of the roof and height of the building. For lower roofs or light snowfall, using a roof rake frequently will help prevent buildup.
Snow shoveling requires climbing onto the roof and removing large piles of snow at a time. There are numerous potential dangers involved. Climbing onto a roof in the winter when conditions are cold, slippery and generally treacherous is incredibly dangerous. Equipment such as a roof safety harness is needed; however, even then you run the risk of suffering serious injury or death. If you do decide to tackle snow removal on your own, it is best to use a plastic rather than a metal-edged shovel to minimize damage to the roof.

Safe Snow Removal

At Roof to Deck we can provide snow removal services to protect you and your property throughout the winter. Our employees are professionals who can navigate the risks of climbing onto a roof when conditions are unfavorable. Call Roof to Deck today if you need to remove snow from your roof safely and effectively.