The winter months can be a wonderful time of year. Families get together during the holidays. The fireplace is continually ablaze. Occasionally, a stunning snowfall covers the ground and provides time to sled, snowball, snowman, and more.
Yet, the winter months also bring about winter storms. While snow can be fun to play around in and with – it also provides opportunities to damage your home and property. One of the most common ways winter weather can get the best of your home is through ice dams.

What is an Ice Dam?

In layman’s terms, an ice dam is a length or a piece of ice along the edge of your home’s roof. Ice dams are created when warm air rises through your home to your roof. As the top of your roof continually receives heat, the snow that accumulated up top begins to melt. As this snow melts, the water moves down your roof towards the gutter. This draining is how your roof is designed. However, due to the ice dam the draining water cannot reach the gutter. Nor can the water simply roll off the roof, as the ice dam has grown too large. So the water becomes trapped on your roof.

Problems Ice Dams can Cause

As this water sits atop your roof, many homeowners find their home to have problems. Ice dams can cause roofs to leak. Insulation and sheetrock were not created to hold all the extra weight, as they become soaked many damages occur. Mold is also common after an ice dam melts. Some homeowners find their electrical outlets begin leaking water as a result of an ice dam. Many times the leaking causes wood floors to swell and buckle.

An Easy Way to Effectively Remove an Ice Dam

While the problems ice dams can cause are a headache, the solution is fairly simple. To remove an ice dam, a homeowner can do a number of things. However, most individuals end up damaging their home by attempting to remove an ice dam alone. The best way to remove an ice dam is through a steam removal process completed by a professionally trained expert.
Removing ice dams through a steam removal process has been proven to be the only safe ice dam removal process. Many other ways individuals and businesses remove ice dams end up damaging the roof or the home – sometimes both!

RTD Ice Dam Removal

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