The technicians of RTD Ice Dam Removal have been properly trained and insured for as long as we have been in business. We have prided ourselves on offering the best quality services with the most qualified technicians in the business. We make sure our customers have nothing at all to worry about when doing business with us. This is why we are happy to announce that we recently obtained the official certification to accompany our already expert staff and service. RTD Ice Dam Removal is now IDRC Certified.

What is IDRC Certification?

IDRC Certification is a certification for ice dam removal and ensures that the company with whom you are working, is carrying the proper insurance coverage (liability and worker’s compensation), that the employees have been properly trained in the safest and most efficient techniques for ice dam removal, and that the equipment used has been properly vetted, and approved for use in safe ice dam removal. Another benefit to the IDRC Certification is that we now have become an approved insurance vendor. This means that many insurance companies will contact an IDRC firm to service a claim on their behalf. In other words, this certification indicates high standards, insurance coverage, and safe ice dam removal practices.

What are Those Standards?

Companies that are not IDRC Certified typically use tools such as hammers, hatchets, or even sledgehammers to remove an ice dam. This process can be harmful not only to the property, but the workers and homeowners. Worse yet, the company may use a hot water pressure washer without any training or knowledge of how it works. These types of companies are perfect examples of the worst the industry has to offer. Furthermore, these companies may actually cause additional damage to your valuable home, costing you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.
If you hire an IDRC Certified company, you will be hiring a company that uses low-pressure steamers, which are the most efficient and safest equipment for the job. You will also be hiring a company that trains its employees extensively in not only the removal process, but the science involved in the creation of an ice dam. This may help educate their customers about the causes and prevention of ice dams. Another benefit to hiring an IDRC Certified company is knowing that if, for any reason whatsoever, an accident or error occurs, you will be compensated as they carry insurance. This is because the IDRC Certified company must maintain sufficient amounts of liability and worker’s compensation coverage to protect both their clientele and their employees.
Because these companies maintain such high standards, the insurance companies feel confident referring them to your home, and so should you! When looking for an ice dam removal company to help with your ice dam removal needs—whatever the situation—make sure you contact the IDRC-Certified, RTD Ice Dam Removal at 651.699.3504 to fix your problem. RTD Ice Dam Removal will be happy to help and provide unmatched service by expertly trained technicians.