When it comes to removing ice dams from roofs, eaves, and gutters, many methods have been tried. Chipping away at the ice dam with a hammer or hatchet, using a hair blow dryer, sledgehammers, and even chainsaws have been used to break down the accumulated ice. These methods can be time-consuming, dangerous, and cause damage to the home. Professional steam removal is the best way to safely remove ice dams, outperforming any other method.

Benefits of Steam for Ice Dam Removal

For removing ice dams, you want a method that is quick and safe, which is what our pressure steamers provide. We use steam over low pressure, which quickly melts the ice, allowing it to be removed from the roof, eaves, and gutters. Our pressure steamer uses less water and pressure than other hot water pressure washers used by some professional ice dam removal companies. Steam not only saves time, it saves money. The quicker the job can be completed, the less labor is needed. Plus, no one wants to have workers around their home any longer than necessary.
The second important benefit of steam is safety. Chipping, sawing, and even pressure washing away an ice dam can damage the roof and home. In freezing temperatures, the materials on a home are brittle and easily damage. High-pressured water or chipping with a chisel can ruin shingles or fascia boards on the home. Steam puts no pressure on the materials under the ice dams, only melting it away with heat. When performed by a trained professional, it can be the most effective and safe way to eliminate ice dams.
If you need an ice dam removed from your home or business, contact our team at RTD Ice Dam Removal. Our experienced team only uses steam for our professional ice removal services, saving you time and money, while protecting your investment in your home. Contact us at (877) 687-3639 when you need fast, effective ice dam removal in the Twin Cities.