In the world of contractors, there are two kinds of businesses- those that follow the rules and those that cut corners. Following the rules entails hiring employees, performing proper training and education, maintaining proper licenses, certification, and insurance, paying all applicable taxes, and registering with the state. These added responsibilities may be a bit costly in the beginning, but in the long run could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and back taxes, not to mention jail time. However, those that cut corners get hired for jobs regularly mostly because their costs for the services are lower than those who follow the rules. This habit can cost the customer additional money to fix the problem or worse, result in a scam wherein the customer will need to hire another contractor to do the work they already paid for. Therefore, it is always the best practice to hire the contractor that follows the rules.

The Long Run

The appearance of a company that follows the rules is as important as their actual reputation. Companies that invest in things such as training, certifications, and insurance are presenting the appearance that they are in business for the long run and are not a fly-by-night operation. They are also showing that they care about their clients and their business by properly budgeting to afford to be in business and by following the laws. The process to obtain such documentation is not immediate and may be costly, and the business owner must show forethought and planning to operate properly. This is a good thing when working with a contractor. You wouldn’t want a contractor to come into your home to do work and not use proper machinery or cut corners on the job, so why would you hire a contractor that cut corners forming his business?

The Caring Contractor

Another benefit to hiring an insured contractor is the fact that insurance indicates the contractor cares. He cares about your home, he cares about your wellbeing, and, he cares about his employees. Properly insured contractors are protecting themselves and you by carrying insurance. If something should happen to your home because of their work, or worse, if something should happen to you or your family, the insurance will help pay for the damages and any financial setbacks that occur as a result. In addition, if anything should happen to their employees as a result of something on the job, proper insurance will care for that employee as well. The contractor is protecting his business because maintaining proper insurance means he will get to keep his business open as opposed to going bankrupt paying for an error.
It is important to remember that contractors are people, too, and they sometimes make mistakes. No matter how careful, honest, and skilled a person may be at their craft, mistakes can occur. Insurance is there to help run your business when a mistake happens. RTD Ice Dam Removal is aware that mistakes and accidents will happen. For the twenty-one years they have been in business, they have proudly displayed their insurance for their customers and others to see. To learn more about RTD Ice Dam Removal, contact them at 1-877-687-3639 and you can see their insurance certificates at their website at